About Me

Kara Ferreira

Hi, I’m Kara, and I support service providers ‘set up shop’ online.

The business is Kara + Co Creative and Kara Co-Creative – either way you look at it, we’re doing this together.

My goal is simple: to take the guesswork out of your website and online business systems so that you can start earning an income through the work that you love.

I help solopreneurs create simple, effective online businesses so that they can create more flexibility and freedom for themselves. I also love to help other freelancers get their websites and services optimized so that they can create more profitable businesses.

Kara +Co can also help with graphic design, online business management, and with the help of my collaborative partners, just about anything you need when it comes to running an online business.

And because an online business requires more tech than just the website, I’ve become adept at building out simple systems for email marketing, online courses and more, so that you can focus on doing the work that you love and manage your online business yourself (if that’s your goal!).

I wear a lot of hats around here...

Brand Strategist

I can help you to take the qualities that make you and your offerings unique and distill them into visuals that will help create resonance between you and your brand.

Business Coach

Creating a business that is both marketable and something that you’ll love showing up for every day takes a bit of strategy and a whole lot of intentionality.

Website Designer

I’m a collaborative designer that works with you to create a website that looks like YOU (not like me!), that is both pretty and guided by effective strategy.

Tech Support Specialist

Your website is just one piece of your online business. I can work with you to develop sales systems, marketing processes, online products and much more.


The K +Co Team

We’re small, but mighty.


Kara Ferreira, Principal

Hey, there. I’m the “I” in all this website copy!

I got into website design and development because when I was first starting out (as a health coach way back when), I needed a website myself. I had no clue where to start (so I get it!) and had to redo the website I made sooo many times before it was actually an effective asset for my business (and I can shorten that curve for you big time).

With Kara +Co Creative, I’ve brought together all of the resources that I wish I had when I was first starting out so that you can design your logo, fine tune your copy, design + build your website, create an online course or set up e-commerce, manage your email marketing and social media (and more!) all in one place.


Lee Crawford, Graphic Designer

You might say my website/computer tech skills were inherited – since Lee is my mama! (Which, you may have guessed from this photo, taken at my wedding). Lee holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of California. She spent a good part of her career custom coding websites in HTML and CMS systems like Joomla, before turning to something she really loves: graphic design.

In addition to helping with those extra features that make your website look polished and professional, Lee can create logos and other brand assets. You can learn more about why graphic design is so important to website development here.

In real life, I...


I’ve been horseback riding since I was 5. It’s one of the things I need to be OK.


Yes, I’m biased… but it’s been confirmed by other sources.


Boozy Biddies is an irreverent yet educational exploration of wine and spirits. You can find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!


…Constantly. I think I’ve seen all of the episodes at least 20 times.



All my website design chops come from a lot of self study and good old figuring it out. I’ve figured out everything I’ve needed to for myself and for my clients when it comes to website design in Squarespace and WordPress, in email marketing systems, ClickFunnels, Facebook Ads and more. This is how I became a jack of all trades and a master of getting it done ☺️

In case you’re wondering, I do have a college degree (History, Anthropology) and half of a masters (International Relations – Counterterrorism). I don’t use either much.


While a lot of my tech skills basically come from YouTube, I have taken a ton of courses related to online business and also just general personal development.

Here is a sample of what I’ve done in no particular order:

Prep Work | LaunchGorgeousYour Wellness Brand with Blair Badenhop | Digital Lab with Megan MartinPlaying Big with Tara Mohr | Self Coaching Scholars | Business Bootcamp with Melissa Ambrosini | B-School with Marie Forleo | Power Play (Facebook Ads) with Adrienne Richardson | Get Paid to Live with Jenny Sansouci