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My goal is simple: to take the guesswork out of your website and online business systems so that you can start earning an income through the work that you love.

I work primarily with women-owned businesses and women solopreneurs. Since I started my entrepreneurial journey as a health coach, many of my clients are health coaches and wellness pros. But, I also have a passion for companies with women’s empowerment-driven missions, and have worked with all kinds of service providers.

Kara +Co can also help with graphic design, online business management, and with the help of my collaborative partners, just about anything you need when it comes to running an online business.

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Kara Ferreira


Hey, there. I’m the “I” in all this website copy! I’m an entrepreneur just like you, but with a knack for websites! I got into website design and development because when I was first starting out, I needed a website myself.

I had no clue where to start (so I get it!) and had to redo the website I made sooo many times before it was actually an effective asset for my business (and I can shorten that curve for you big time).

Somewhere along the way I got GOOD at the website work – and I really started to enjoy it – and I took my skills to other women entrepreneurs who were stuck on their websites. I’ve since built online courses, membership sites, eCommerce sites – websites of all kinds!

Today, I consider myself to be a ‘collaborative website creatrix’ because I work with you to design a website that reflects your personality, brand and mission as I build it out for you. (For more on the difference between design and development, click here.)

With Kara +Co Creative, I’ve brought together all of the resources that I wish I had when I was first starting out so that you can design your logo, fine tune your copy, design + build your website, create an online course or set up e-commerce, manage your email marketing and social media (and more!) all in one place.

I’m also a self & business development nerd.


You might say my website/computer tech skills were inherited – since Lee is my mama! (Which, you may have guessed from this photo, taken at my wedding). Lee holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of California. She spent a good part of her career custom coding websites in HTML and CMS systems like Joomla, before turning to something she really loves: graphic design.

In addition to helping with those extra features that make your website look polished and professional, Lee can create logos and other brand assets. You can learn more about why graphic design is so important to website development here.


Our Partners

Depending on what you need, I may either contract work out to other specialists, or refer you to some of my favorite creators and strategists to help bring your project along. While I can also contribute to most of these services in house, joining forces with others enables us to do things better and/or faster. Our partners-in-crime include:


Blair Badenhop



Digitally Driven