Brand Clarity

Business Clarity

Branding + Business Strategy

My main thing is website design and development but there’s little point in embarking on a website build if you don’t know a few key things about your business. For those of you struggling with the finer points of your business + brand vision, a Business Clarity Session is for you.

Your business strategy is all about your offerings and how you package and deliver your services and products.

Your brand strategy is how you consistently communicate value and create loyalty for your offerings.

Both play a critical role in how your website and online business is put together.

In this one-hour session, we’ll focus primarily on the business strategy or the branding strategy for your business, depending on where you’re struggling.

I’ll guide you through a series of questions and we’ll have a conversation to get to the core of:

* why you do what you do

what makes you and your business special

* what your brand promise is

what your brand personality is

what the emotional solution your business + brand offers to others is

I’ll be honest…

Building a website and launching your business’s online presence without putting A LOT of thought into your business and brand strategy is the biggest mistake I see.

When I first started building websites, I worked with anyone regardless of how many of the building blocks they actually had. The ones that skipped this important step, they’re not still going today.

I’ve built several businesses; I’ve built one-hundred-plus websites and conveyed their brand personalities; most importantly, I’ve worked with many businesses who do it oh-so-well and have had the privilege of learning from them over the years.

So, for a teeny-tiny fraction of the price of working with one of the ‘big guns’, I can help lay the groundwork so that you can get some traction and build some momentum when it comes to building your brand identity and online business strategy.

What You'll Get

I tailor each clarity session to the specific needs of the individual I’m working with, but everyone receives what I call the first draft of their ‘Business Playbook’: clarity around offerings and mission, brand personality, brand strategy and basic marketing principles specific to your business.

*Please note this session is meant to give you momentum and get you started so that you can solidify your brand and business strategy yourself.*

How It Works

First, we’ll have a one hour phone session during which I’ll guide the conversation to get to learn everything I need to know about your business goals, brand personality and key differentiation points.

Then, within a few days of our meeting, I’ll send you a 3-5 page ‘Business Playbook’ draft for you to run with!

Finally, we’ll have a 30-minute follow up session within 3 months to make sure that you’re feeling clear and making progress with your business plan!

What's the Business Playbook?

  • color + font suggestions
  • logo ideation
  • service refinement
  • suggestions for structuring your online business
  • elevator pitch draft
  • brand mission draft
  • basic marketing strategy
  • how to position your offerings
  • price strategy
  • guidance for brand tone + copy
  • anything else that comes up in our conversation!

investment: $500