Client Agreement Guided


Please be sure to review your customized Scope of Work carefully before signing this agreement. The Scope of Work includes everything that is included in your website package including any work with additional systems (email marketing, Google Analytics, etc). By signing this electronic agreement you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the Scope of Work.


All website builds unless otherwise specified are short-term engagements that get you a beautiful website up and running in 2 weeks! I create a timeline for each project that includes when your materials to me are due, when I will have a first iteration ready for you to review, and project completion date. Please refer to your Scope of Work document for dates.

This timeline is made so that I can optimize opportunities for you to provide changes, refinements and prevent the project from being delayed.

At the end of our time together, you will have a beautiful website that best reflects your unique brand and is optimized for it to grow for years to come!


The first 50% (non-refundable) is due to reserve your spot on my calendar. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project. Pricing may be subject to change due to changes in scope of the project (dictated by you).

You will receive all of my invoices through Wave, which is a secure third-party payment gateway.

You will be responsible for all hosting, domain, plus any potential charges for any 3rd party services you wish to use, such as Google G Suite, MailChimp and others which I will be happy to setup for you. 

Refunds: I do not offer any refunds for work already done but will be available to discuss any issues or concerns. The 50% deposit is not refundable but it is transferrable to a later project date if I receive 7-days advance notice via email.


I hold myself to the milestone dates that I provide for you, but there are always exceptions. Delays may occur due to:

– lack of communication and/or feedback from client

– change in project scope (such as adding more pages or major design change requests after coding has been completed)

– failure to pay deposit or provide materials on time

A Guided website build should take between 6 and 8 weeks to complete. Projects that extend beyond 9 weeks without advanced notice will be subject to fees to re-commence work.

Additional fees for extensive delays:  

I budget my time according to this nine-week maximum time period. I may be unable to complete edits or finalize the project right away if delays push us past the nine weeks reserved for your project. Projects that extend beyond nine weeks due to delays in providing materials, untimely feedback or lack of responsiveness from the client will result in a fee of $350 to book new time in my calendar to complete the project.

You may avoid additional fees by paying for the remainder in full. Your project will then be scheduled for completion on a date of mutual convenience.


The guided build comes with two rounds of edits. Make sure that you take time to sit with both of your draft versions to compile complete lists of edit requests at each point.

If you find that you need an additional round of edits, an additional fee between $150 and $350 will be assessed depending on the scope of edits.


Mobile optimization

I design all of my sites with mobile in mind. That said, occasionally some elements do not translate well to mobile and we may need to be flexible about design changes to accommodate this.

Website hosting

You are responsible for securing access to your site for me. Unlike many designers/developers, I design the site in your own accounts so that you always have access to the work that I’m doing for you.

If you need help with securing the appropriate accounts and getting me the necessary login credentials, I’m happy to walk you through the process! However, you are responsible for reaching out to your hosting company if technical issues occur. (SquareSpace hosts its own sites, but you host a WordPress site on 3rd party hosts.) This is rare – particularly for new site builds – but it does happen!

If you need me to deal with your hosting company, I only work with SquareSpace, and Bluehost or SiteGround for WordPress sites. There will be a $50/hour charge for time that I spend speaking to the customer service department of any other hosting company.

Please note that if hosting issues delay work, I may choose to build the site on a temporary domain within my own hosting account.


I do my best to make your website as secure as possible – however hackers are writing new code everyday and I cannot guarantee that your website will not be susceptible. Generally speaking, SquareSpace websites are more secure than WordPress sites because WordPress is an open-source platform that utilizes plugins encoded by different authors. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that I cannot be held liable for any security issues experienced by SquareSpace, WordPress, or plugins that I have installed on WordPress websites.


My process is collaborative! I will require your feedback throughout the material gathering and website build process.


Website Credit

By signing this agreement you agree to keep my credit “Website by Kara + Co” in the footer of your website for as long as you are using my website design. This may also look like “Website by W&W” for older sites, or “Website by K +Co”, “Website Design”, or “Website Development” with a link out to my website.

Instructional Use of Material

I teach classes on Skillshare where individuals need to register in order to view courses, and I have my own online educational programs for DIY website builders, and I also have short tutorials on YouTube. I occasionally I feature websites I’ve worked on as examples in my educational materials.  I always blur out any personal information if it appears in the video.  You may indicate your consent below.


Social Media Use

I feature completed websites on my website and social media. If you do not wish for your website to be included, please do not check the corresponding box below.