Client Hourly Agreement


I will perform work on your website and other requested online business systems at the agreed upon rate of $50/hour. By signing this electronic agreement you are agreeing to the terms outlined.


I will track all of my hours and they will be detailed in each invoice you receive.


You will receive all of my invoices through Wave, which is a secure third-party payment gateway. You may also submit payment via Venmo. You will receive an invoice for work performed each week on Friday. Payment is due upon receipt.

After the first month of working together, you will receive invoices on the 1st of each month for all work done the preceding month.

Refusal to pay: I expect that we enter this agreement in good faith and that if you have any issues or concerns, that this will be communicated to me at the time that the work is performed.

Late payments: A late payment fee of 10% will be added if payment is not received within 30 days.


Work Timelines

Due to my current client load, I am often unable to complete work “on demand”. For numerous website changes, you are encouraged to check in with me on timing as soon as possible. Small changes can usually be accommodated within 24 hours. Larger changes and projects may require 72-hours to 1-week’s notice.

Website hosting

You are responsible for securing access to your site for me. You are responsible for reaching out to your hosting company if technical issues occur. (SquareSpace hosts its own sites, but you host a WordPress site on 3rd party hosts.) I will bill hourly for any time that I spend troubleshooting hosting issues with your host.


I do my best to make your website as secure as possible – however hackers are writing new code everyday and I cannot guarantee that your website will not be susceptible. Generally speaking, SquareSpace websites are more secure than WordPress sites because WordPress is an open-source platform that utilizes plugins encoded by different authors. By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that I cannot be held liable for any security issues experienced by SquareSpace, WordPress, or plugins that I have installed on WordPress websites.


My process is collaborative! Your feedback and direction is required.

Instructional Use of Material

I teach classes on Skillshare and have my own online educational programs for DIY website builders, and occasionally I feature websites I’ve worked on as examples in my educational materials. I also post websites I’ve worked on in social media and in blog posts. By signing this electronic agreement, you agree to having your website be a part of these instructional assets. If you do not wish for it to be included, please let me know and I will provide a custom contract to you.

Termination of work

You may work with other website professionals at any time. If I am unable to continue to work on your website,  I will give you 30-days notice.