Client Project Agreement


Please be sure to review your customized Scope of Work carefully before signing this agreement. The Scope of Work includes everything that is included in your website package including any work with additional systems (email marketing, Google Analytics, etc). By signing this electronic agreement you are agreeing to the terms outlined in the Scope of Work.


All projects unless otherwise specified are short-term engagements. It is my goal to make all changes within 1-2 weeks. Please refer to your Scope of Work document for dates.

This timeline is made so that I can optimize opportunities for you to provide changes, refinements and prevent the project from being delayed.


The first 50% (non-refundable) is due to reserve your spot on my calendar. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the project. Pricing may be subject to change due to changes in scope of the project (dictated by you).

You will receive all of my invoices through Wave, which is a secure third-party payment gateway. You may also submit payment via Venmo.

You will be responsible for all hosting, domain, plus any potential charges for any 3rd party services you wish to use, such as Google G Suite, MailChimp and others which I will be happy to setup for you. 

Refunds: I do not offer any refunds for work already done but will be available to discuss any issues or concerns. Your deposit is not refundable but it is transferrable to other work if a project is cancelled or rescheduled with 2 business days notice. (I.e., if your project is scheduled for June 11th, you would need to notify me on or before June 8th).



Timeline delays

I hold myself to the milestone dates that I provide for you, but there are always exceptions. Delays may occur due to:

  • lack of communication and/or feedback from client
  • change in project scope (such as adding more pages or major design change requests after coding has been completed)
  • failure to pay deposit or provide materials on time

Additional fees for extensive delays: Unless otherwise stated, project turnaround time is expected to be about 2-weeks and no longer than 30 days maximum, and I budget my time accordingly. Projects that extend beyond 30 days due to untimely feedback and lack of responsiveness from the client will result in a fee of 15% of the total project price in order for the project to be continued. If the project then extends to 60 days, the project will be terminated.

Any unexpected delays on my part (emergencies, etc) will not incur additional fees.

Termination of project: If a project is terminated, a new project with full fee schedule will need to be created in order to reinstate work.

Website hosting

You are responsible for securing access to your site for me. Unlike many designers/developers, I design the site in your own accounts so that you always have access to the work that I’m doing for you.

You are responsible for reaching out to your hosting company if technical issues occur.



By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that I cannot be held liable for any security issues experienced by SquareSpace, WordPress, or plugins that I have installed on WordPress websites.

Ongoing work

By booking a flat rate project with me, you will be entitled to a $65/hour reduced rate (usual work rate is $75/hour) for any future changes to your website. Hourly fees for future changes will be billed at the end of each month.


My process is collaborative! Your feedback and direction is required. This is a fun, collaborative process that gives you the opportunity to participate in the design of a website that you love!

Instructional Use of Material

I teach classes on Skillshare and have my own online educational programs for DIY website builders, and occasionally I feature websites I’ve worked on as examples in my educational materials. I also post websites I’ve worked on in social media and in blog posts. By signing this electronic agreement, you agree to having your website be a part of these instructional assets. If you do not wish for it to be included, please let me know and I will provide a custom contract to you.