Effective Website Templates

Done-With-You Template Websites for coaches and 1:1 service providers so that you can…

…Actually install the template and set it up with ease

…Have a realistic amount of space for all of your copy 

…Fully customize it to make it yours!

…Attract right-fit clients who will be able to navigate your site without all the typical template clutter

Most templates are designed to be pretty. Or eye-catching. Because that’s how the average consumer is going to select a template – purely on looks.


The problem is the thing that what looks eye-catching is often confusing. The thing that is pretty and image-laden, isn’t actually designed with conversion principles in mind.


And yes, we want it to look nice. But it also has to work for your business. Otherwise, what’s the freaking point?

Here are my biggest beefs with most of the templates I see on the market:

They’ve over-prioritized pretty.

Pretty but without the correct amount of space for real website copy won’t do you any good. Especially for my coaches out there, you’ve usually got a lot of copy!

They’re waaaay too crowded.

If graphic elements over-run your text and overshadow your buttons, good luck getting someone to your service page!

You can’t edit the template structure.

While the colors and fonts may be customizable, the actual pages are too hard to customize to meet your needs and aesthetic.

A total lack of support.

The amount of clients I have worked with who have bought a theme only to not be able to install and use it, let me tell you!

Kara Ferreira
Katie O

That’s why I created ‘Actually Effective’ website templates and accompanying course materials…

…so that you can actually install them, customize them, and rest easy knowing that they’re based on real website copy and sound conversion strategy.

My templates are based on the copy workbooks of Lauren Van Mullem, so they have plenty of well-designed space for all of your words. And if you want to make sure that you have effective words as well as an effective design, you can purchase her copy workbooks as an accompanying guide!

I create them in Squarespace — the easiest DIY platform out there that doesn’t skimp on quality. And they come with a host of online course materials so that you can feel confident installing them and customizing them like a whiz.

All Included:

What you need for beautiful and functional.

6+ Designed Pages

Your Home page, About page, Services page, individual Service page, Blog and Contact + bonus pages.

Online Course Access

You’ll receive access to Squarespace resources so that you can really make the template your own.

CSS & HTML Customization

The template will come with CSS code already installed so that your website will look leagues better than a standard Squarespace template.

Social Media Integration

We’ll get your accounts connected and any feeds you’d like visible on the site.

Newsletter Opt-In

Start capturing leads with a newsletter opt-in or lead magnet styled on your site.

Client Scheduling

If you need scheduling, you’ll be able to use Squarespace’s easy scheduling tool (also known as Acuity scheduling). I provide instructions for embedding their scheduler, as well as Calendly.


Choose Your Template

Purchase the template and you’ll receive a link to your new website in Squarespace. (If you already have a Squarespace account, make sure you provide that email address upon purchase!).


Step-by-Step Editing

The accompanying online course will walk you step by step through editing each page so that you can add in your own content and customize the design as needed.


Support If You Need It!

If you get stuck, I’m here to help. Or if you’d just like a little polish put on your creation at the end, I can do that too. Every template comes with :45 minutes of my time and individual attention baked in.

Ready to design your own website with the guidance of an actually effective template?

Rabbit Turtle template

Mid-century charm meets 1970s wild child. Contemporary with texture and based on Lauren’s copy workbooks so you know there’s enough room for your copy!

View Template

More templates coming soon!