The automation of an email series is a feature reserved for the paid version of MailChimp, BUT there is a workaround if you use tags to generate single email automations on a schedule.

This is an important workaround for those of you who want to keep your software expenses to a minimum.

For those of you who are ready for a paid subscription, I suggest switching to a bigger gun like ActiveCampaign* or ConvertKit*. The paid version of MailChimp just can’t compare.

BUT if you’re just getting started with list building, the free version of MailChimp is really all you need.

The two basics of list-building are:

  1. Deliver a lead magnet or “freebie” that entices site visitors to sign up and join your email list.
  2. Automate a series of emails that enable you to stay in touch with your audience and grow your ‘know-like-trust’ factor.

The first is simple in the free version of MailChimp.

BUT, automating an email series in the free version is not possible, unless you employ a workaround using tags. Watch the video to see how!

If you need more help, check out my SkillShare course ‘How to Deliver a Lead Magnet and Automate an Email Sequence‘. This goes into much more detail on how to utilize the free version of MailChimp and how to use tags to automate multiple emails.

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