DIY Website In A Weekend Guide

Ready to jump in on your own but not sure exactly where to start? This guide walks you through everything you need to know from basic brand strategy to copy guidance to selecting your platform and actually building out your pages!

Even if you plan to work with me or another designer, this will help you to get organized. All free so subscribe to get on board 🙂

Prep List

This a comprehensive list of everything I need from you in order to build a website. It’s also the standard list of materials you’ll need before working with any other designer.

You can also consider it a companion checklist to my DIY Website In a Weekend guide if you’re going the DIY route 🙂

100 Places to Find Clients

This spreadsheet has over 100 Job Boards, Marketplaces, Directories and Facebook Groups where freelancers can find clients.

Free Training to Get More Conversions from Your Website

Have a website that isn’t getting you the results you want? Join me and copywriter for coaches Lauren Van Mullem for a 1-hour UNwebinar to learn what probably isn’t working for you. All value, no fluff, free video training.

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Prospective Client Packet For Freelancers

Grab the exact template I use for my prospective client information packet. Make landing new clients easier – it’s *especially* useful when pitching on Upwork.

Prospective Client Packet Template For Coaches

I didn’t get the info packet I use as a freelancer idea brand new – I reinvented it from my days as a health coach! Use this version of the template to pique interest with your prospective clients prior to hopping on an exploration call.

Website Design Tips for Websites with LOTS of Copy

If you’re someone who has a lot of copy, you’ve probably found that making all of that text pretty on the website can be a bit of a challenge. This PDF guide shows you some of the most common design mistakes and how to fix them to highlight all of your copy and make your website look like it was done by a pro.

Zero Cost Course Solution

The step-by-step process that will show you how to record and launch a course with no extra tech. All you need is your website. (This is my featured course – cost is $29).

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