If you are using the free MailChimp plans, you have limited options when it comes to sending automated emails. One of the best practices for list building is to entice people to sign up in order to receive a lead magnet, which is delivered upon signing up. If you’re wondering how to send your lead magnet in free MailChimp, the best way to automate this in the free plan is to set up a ‘final welcome email’. The video outlines the steps:

Written Steps for How to Send Your Lead Magnet with Free MailChimp:

  1. Go to “Sign Up Forms” under “Audience”
  2. Select “Form Builder” or “Embedded Forms” (hint: go to Embedded Forms if you will be adding your form to your website with code).
  3. Once you are looking at the form, you will see a dropdown in the top left area above the form.
  4. In the dropdown, select “Send Final Welcome Email”
  5. Edit the email and make sure that the “Send Final Welcome Email” option is toggled on

Good luck!



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