If you do any affiliate marketing, then you know how unwieldy the links can be! Thankfully there is an easy tool to shorten affiliate links – Pretty Links!

For example this is my Divi theme affiliate link: https://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=54214

And this is what it looks like when its cloaked using Pretty Links: https://www.kcocreative.com/divi

This can also be useful anytime you need to create a short, memorable link to replace a much longer one.

Interested in learning how to shorten your affiliate links using Pretty Links? Here’s the video with written instructions below.

Downloading Pretty Links

You can find Pretty Links in your WordPress dashboard under Plugins. The free version is great for cloaking links. I’ve never used the paid version, but I believe it gives you more analytics and better reporting.

How to Use Pretty Links

Pretty Links is super easy to use.

  1. Copy the link that you want to cloak.
  2. Find Pretty Links in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Select ‘Add New’ from the lefthand menu or from the top of the Pretty Links dashboard page if selected.
clean up affiliate links using pretty links

4. In the new link window, give your pretty link a title in the first box – this is how you will identify the Pretty Link in te list of all of your links in the Pretty Links dashboard.

5. Select 301 (Permanent) in the Redirection section if this redirect will indeed be permanent; add your long link in the Target URL window; and the ‘slug’ that will be your pretty link in the third section. Notes are optional.

And you’re all set!

Resources mentioned in the video:

For two weeks of SkillShare free ➡️ https://www.kcocreative.com/skillshare-free

Information on the Divi WordPress theme ➡️ https://www.kcocreative.com/divi-builder-101-review-how-to-use-it/

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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