If you’re looking to record an online course, you might be wondering how to record online course with free software. Look no further than loom! Loom will record your screen and a video of you talking simultaneously, for great recorded presentations.

How to Use Loom to Record Your Online Course

Loom can record just you talking to camera, but it is most useful for recording slideshows. You can opt to show a picture of yourself or a recorded video of you talking along with the presentation – if you choose video, loom will record your video along with the slides. You can also choose to just display the slides on your own and have your voice only on the recording.

  1. Go to loom.com and create a free account.
  2. You can launch the loom recording software when you are logged into your account, OR, if you are a chrome user, you can download the chrome extension. Can’t find the chrome extension? Click here.
  3. Hit “record” – a window will pop up that will give you the option to record your entire screen, or a particular window. Note that if you choose “current tab”, the screen will not change if you select a different tab during the recording.

P.S. I get into MUCH more detail about all of this in my course ‘The Zero Cost Course Solution‘, which goes over how to record, host and sell your online course for no additional cost, so long as you have a website.

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