MVP Website

Psst! Can I tell you a secret? You don't NEED a fancy 5+ page website to launch your business...

An “MVP” website is a good starting point for you if:

  • You’re pretty new to online business and have a good idea that you just want to use to test the waters
  • You want to start attracting clients and making some 💵💵💵 before you invest in a larger website build
  • Your business is super simple and only has 1 product or service

P.S. In this case MVP stands for “minimum viable product”. However a small but mighty website might just be the “most valuable player” of your marketing strategy!


An MVP Website is a single scroll or 3-page website that is concise, efficient and effective at selling your primary service.

The benefits of an MVP Website:

It’s cost-effective

The MVP Website starts at $600 (not $2,200) so that you can get your business up and running with less overhead.

It’ll grow with you.

You can build on more to an MVP Website later once you’ve tested your market and gain more experience.

It forces clarity.

A lot of new online business owners want to offer everything to everyone. That doesn’t work on any site, but on a bigger site you might think it does! An MVP site forces you to get specific.

Kara Ferreira

After creating over one hundred full websites for just-starting online entrepreneurs, this is the third option that I’ve found so many needed!

…I’ve seen people do a-couple-thousand (or many-thousand if they worked with someone else first) website build only to have to do it all over again when they pivot their business after testing it.

…Or some of them went another direction altogether and just abandoned the website.

…And others refined their product suite to their one principal service and ended up with a simpler MVP style website that they could effectively run ads to.

We’re programmed to think that bigger is better and that we should take the leap and make the full investment in order to succeed.

But what if you didn’t have to?


MVP Websites start at $750. They may be up to $1,000 depending on the amount of content.

1-3 Pages

You can choose from a single-scroll page or a design with a Home / About / Sales page.

Client Scheduling

If you need scheduling, we’ll get it set up for you using Calendly or whatever online scheduling tool you prefer.

CSS & HTML Customization

Just because it’s mini doesn’t mean it won’t be pretty! I’ll optimize the design with code as needed.

Social Media Integration

We’ll get your accounts connected and any feeds you’d like visible on the site.

Newsletter Opt-In

Start capturing leads with a newsletter opt-in or lead magnet styled on your site.

Sales Option

If you need to be able to collect sales through your website, we’ll discuss the best way to get this set up for you based on your sales process.


Provide Your Content

If we decide to work together, I’ll provide a list of everything I will need from you based on our exploratory call. Get me the content for your website by our start date, and you’ll receive a draft a few days later.

*If you need help with your content, just let me know!


Review Your Draft

Once you receive your first draft, take your time to review it and compile any and all feedback. I will use this to polish up the site exactly to your specifications.


Get Ready to Launch!

Once I’ve made the edits based on your first draft feedback, I’ll test all the functionality (buttons, forms, purchase if using) and send you instructions for launch!

The whole process can take as little as one week to get you a website you can start your business with.

Ready to see if the MVP site is the best option for you?


This is the best way for us to know if this is a great fit for you!👇