Refine Your Business Into the Next Level

Artful Method

Refining usually takes place at least 1-2 years after launch. This is when you’ve worked with a number of offerings, iterated, perhaps pivoted and are now looking to double down on what works and get rid of any excess.

Here are priorities for refinement:

  • streamlining your offers
  • creating efficient internal and external systems
  • optimizing your website for conversion
  • pivoting offers, messaging and design as needed

Here's how I can help....

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Entrepreneurs can often feel stuck at this stage. They know they need to make a change but may need help identifying it. Hope on a free call to discuss where you’ve been and where you want to go.

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Need to untangle your tech or implement new processes that are more efficient for both you and your clients? I can provide a tech audit or assistance as needed.


Tech Supported Online Business Mastermind

Confidently grow your business with the resources you need to edit your website, create sales pages, start an online course, optimize your email marketing and more — all while staying connected with a group of like-minded solopreneurs and receiving live guidance from me.

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