OK, so how to style your email signature might be a little bit of a frivolous topic during coronavirus times, but…

Have you ever seen someone with something and you just had to have it too?

I recently was emailing with someone who had a nicely styled email signature, with their photo and social media icons.

And I wanted that too!

I spent about an hour figuring it out with the help of a Mags Sikora YouTube video. She made it back in 2016, and its awesome, but you actually just don’t need to do it the way that she had to anymore.

So, I decided to make my own tutorial so that you can style your email signature in no time at all.


  • How to style your image into a circle
  • How to create your own social media icons with custom colors.
  • How to load the whole thing into Gmail’s settings.

And let’s be honest, a lot of online business is about how you present yourself, and having a styled email signature can make an impression, amiright?

Watch the video to learn how to style your email signature:

Tricks for Styling Your Email Signature

  1. Make your image round using Canva
  2. Create your signature using a table in a Google doc
  3. Create your social media icons in Canva so that you can customize the colors
  4. Erase the grid lines, except the middle one if you so choose, by making them white
  5. Link your social media icons in Gmail settings

As always, feel free to comment or shoot me a note if you have questions!