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A Low-Cost Website That Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality

That You Can Edit Yourself In the Future

Able to Launch in Just THREE Days

Even If You Don’t Know The First Thing About Design or Coding

You need a website - FAST.

→ you’re tired of interviewing designers only to find out they can’t work on your timeline

→ (or that they can for an extra $$$$)

→ you don’t want to try to cobble something together fast yourself only to find out you can’t create the result you want in time

→ you’re tired of researching templates to use

OR, you're simply working on a budget

→ you’re just not ready to dump a whole lot of money into a site build, but still, you know you need to get something up

→ still, you don’t want to skimp on quality

→ you don't want to sink money into a website you won't be able to edit later

→ you’ve been wracking your brain for a solution that gets you a website without blowing up your startup costs

I've got good news for you!



Select Your Template

You’ll choose a platform (SquareSpace or WordPress) and a template. The template enables me to offer you a quality website at a very low rate – but I’ll modify things as needed.


Schedule Your Build

You’ll schedule your templated build on my calendar, and gather your materials (images, text, etc). I regularly have availability to start a build right away.


New Website!

On the appointed date I’ll take everything you’ve given to me and add it to your chosen template, modifying as needed – and you’ll get your website within one week (often faster)!


Once you hit ‘publish’, you’ll have…


 * a mobile-responsive website on a reputable hosting and design platform *

* a design based off of a beautiful template, installed and modified by a pro *

* all your content uploaded *

*access to all of my relevant courses so you can make edits and further customize with ease*

* 48 hours of customer support *

* lifetime access to my reduced hourly rate for any future work you might need done *

What exactly is included?

The templated website gets you a build based on a pre-made template of your choice.


You get:

→The 4 pages most businesses need (Home, About, Services, Contact)

→Contact form configured

→Template will be adapted to include your provided colors and fonts

→Email Opt-in added (instructions to connect with MailChimp or Squarespace campaigns will be provided)


Additional pages are $100 each and will be billed separately prior to the build start.

E-commerce / stores and integrations are not included in this option.

Some Examples

"So what templates can I choose from?"

These are my recommended options. If you’d like a template or theme that you purchase on your own, please contact me for pricing.

SquareSpace takes the cake for ease of use and they have a ton of industry-specific templates to choose from here.

View templates

WordPress, Divi theme is super easy to work with and has a bunch of top quality layouts that you can pick from here.

View Layouts

WordPress, Creativo has the best blog templates, and you can view them here. *Only their blog layouts available.

View Demos

Template Build

  • Trusted platforms
  • Vetted themes
  • No template installation frustration
  • Zero hosting guesswork
  • 20% off the first year of SquareSpace
  • Premium WordPress themes for free
  • Minor code modifications
  • Access to learning materials and online business info
  • Professional support



+ cost of hosting

Total DIY

  • Platform, theme and hosting research
  • Constant guesswork
  • Installation headaches
  • All the issues making a mobile-friendly version
  • Time consulting with support
  • Have to purchase premium WordPress theme
  • No SquareSpace discount
  • No learning materials to help you grow your website or biz
  • No one to answer your questions


cost of hosting + up to $750 for a theme

+ 80 hours installing the website and uploading content; some blood, sweat and tears; the occasional year off your life; opportunity costs; and the risk of a less than desired outcome

You're In?!

How exciting! You can book your build here.

Investment: $1,000

Let's Do It!

Don't take it from me...

As a new health and wellness coach, I was nervous about being able to find a web designer who was enjoyable to work with and could make my vision come alive within a quick time-frame. Kara recommended a talented graphic designer on her team and I ended up with a logo that I feel encompasses my entire brand. But the best thing I got out of working with Kara was a website I absolutely LOVE beyond words.

-Casey Kaczmarek

I HIGHLY recommend working with Kara if you are in need of setting up a quality website but have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to make your vision come to life! Kara took all of my direction and vision to heart and created a BEAUTIFUL website that captures the essence of who I am and my brand! I feel like not only do I have a beautiful website that I could have never created myself but also the tools to start to begin to manage the website myself thanks to Kara’s guidance and support.

-Hope Griffin


… someone who has built hundreds of websites hands you a list of everything you need for your website – no guesswork here!

… you just turn over all of your website materials to a professional and skip all of the tech headaches

… that professional (hint: she’s me!) sets up everything you need so that you don’t need to do anything

… then she takes the template you have pre-selected (and love) and updates it with all of your actual content

… and finally she shows you your finished website and tells you the exact steps you need to take to launch it

… wait there’s more! You receive support from someone who actually knows what they’re doing, get lifetime access to a lower rate for any paid updates, and you get access to relevant online courses for your website and online biz!

Let Me Break It Down For You


Choosing Your Platform

Maybe you came here knowing that you want a SquareSpace website, or a WordPress website. But, if you need help deciding, I have a blog post that discusses the pros and cons of each platform here.

If the pros and cons don’t make a decision clear for you, then I suggest moving on to choosing a template. If you find a SquareSpace or a WordPress template you love, that’s the one you go with.

If you are aiming to create a blog website – one where the blog is the central focus – then I strongly suggest WordPress with a Creativo theme.


Selecting A Template

Nitty gritty details: SquareSpace has templates, Divi WordPress theme has layouts and Creativo WordPress theme has demos – as if this wasn’t complicated enough!

Once you’re ready to choose a template, focus first and foremost on the layout of the template. The images can be changed. So can the colors and the fonts, so the overall layout is the most important thing to pay attention to.


Schedule Your Build

You’ll schedule (and purchase) your build on my calendar. This is the start date of the actual build – from this date you will have a completed site within three business days!

Note that you need to have all of your website materials available to me on or before the start date. Need to know what that includes? Download the checklist here.


Pull Everything Together

If you’re ready to jump right in, you can send me everything on the checklist right away.

If you booked a start date a few days (or weeks) out, then you can take your time finalizing copy, branding and image selections.

Instructions for submitting your materials will be sent to you upon booking, but know that you can always just email everything to me if that’s easiest for you.

Want to see the prep work checklist now? You can download it here.


Time to Launch!

Once I’ve installed your template and added all of your content, I’ll send you an email with instructions for accessing and publishing your website. I’ll also send you a video tutorial for making minor changes and edits.

If you have a WordPress website, I’ll have designed the website directly in your hosting account.

If you have a SquareSpace access, I’ll transfer site ownership to you at this stage. (All you have to do is create a SquareSpace account and click a link!)

ready, set…

website launch!


I’ve Got Your Back

Once I hand the website over to you, you have 48 hours of support (skipping weekend days) to email me any questions you might have.

I’ll also give you access to online course materials relevant to your website (SquareSpace, Divi or Creativo) so that you can learn how to DIY whatever you need going forward. And of course I’m always here to help with future projects!

Are we going to do this thing, or what?

It’s a no-brainer…

I’ve worked with all of these platforms and tech tools for years. This is how you get a quality website that doesn’t cost you your first born child, or your sanity.

Just choose your template, send over your content, and let me take care of the rest!

Let's Do IT!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about something else? Contact me here.

What do I need to get started?

You should have your content ready to go by the build date. If you have all of your copy (website text), images, logo and brand guidance (colors, fonts suggestions) ready to go, then you’re ready! (You can get my full Prep Work guide here).

You can also book a build date a week or so out so that you have time to create these materials.

How much does hosting cost?

SquareSpace: SquareSpace hosting is about $220/year. If you book your build with me you get 20% off the first year, so you’ll pay about $185 the first year.

WordPress: My recommendation for WordPress hosting is SiteGround. They’re pricing is $85-$120/year depending on the plan you select. If you already have hosting, I’ll also work with Bluehost and GoDaddy accounts.

I've never had a website before, will this work for me?

Yes! I take care of all the difficult setup and show you everything you need to know to maintain your site going forward.

I work with easy-to-use editing tools so that you can make changes to your website yourself. I also give you access to relevant courses so that you can learn how to create custom pages in the future!

What if I need more help?

I’m here for you! I offer free content, paid courses and 1:1 services in pretty much every area of online business from website design to online marketing.

As a build client, you also get access to my reduced hourly rate for any future work you need done. (Previous clients get $50/hour – those who come to me just for hourly work get a $75/hour rate).

Will my website really be ready in one week?

Yes! The caveat is depending on availability when you book your build, you may have to wait for the work to begin. Also, because I have a toddler and other things going on in my life, weekends are not included in the 1-week period.

What's included?

The template website gets you a build based on a pre-made template of your choice.

You get:

  • The 4 pages most businesses need (Home, About, Services, Contact)
  • Contact form configured
  • Template will be adapted to include your provided colors and fonts
  • Email Opt-in added (instructions to connect with MailChimp or Squarespace campaigns will be provided)

Additional pages are $100 each and will be billed separately prior to the build start.

E-commerce / stores are not included in this option.

Will my website look exactly the template that I choose?

Pretty much!

I’ll make small changes as needed to adapt the template to your content so that it looks as good as possible.

If you choose to use the templates inherent fonts and colors, it will look almost exactly the same. If you give me different colors and font choices, you’ll put your own branding spin on the template to make it your own.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

I do not offer refunds for any work done as part of my 1:1 services. I am always open to having a discussion and helping you troubleshoot things so that you can find a solution.

If you’re not sure if this is the right fit for you, I do offer a money-back guarantee on all of my digital courses and tools for DIYers.

Chill that champagne!

Your website is just 1-week away.

Investment: $1,000

Let's Do It!