Two Week Website

what if I told you that you could
have a fully custom-built website
without breaking the bank?

introducing the two-week website!

my signature, stream-lined build that includes everything you need to bring your business online

I’ll be honest - if this is the story with the three bears and their porridge, this is the ‘just right’ solution for most entrepreneurs.

This is for you if you’re looking for a high-quality, fully custom website build that doesn’t drag on for ages or break the bank.

It’s exactly what I needed when I first started out as a health coach – a beautiful website I felt confident to launch with, simple enough for me to run and edit myself without skimping on quality, and something I could grow with as my business developed.

And, I'll make sure it has everything you need to be successful.

→ user-friendly design focused on selling your services

→ newsletter opt-in set up for you

→ (I'll even program your lead magnet delivery)

→ social media integration

→ scheduling integration for your free, exploratory call or services

→ project end tutorial so that you can maintain and edit everything

Ditch the Overwhelm

I’ve got you covered.

  • Custom build
  • Collaborative design process so your site looks like YOU
  • Work in either Squarespace or WordPress
  • Ability to modify Squarespace with custom code
  • 20% off the first year of Squarespace
  • Extensive knowledge of WordPress themes
  • Use of premium WordPress themes for free
  • Access to learning materials and online business info
  • Professional support
  • Checklists walking you through everything you need
  • Conversion-focused design
  • Two revisions included
  • No theme installation frustration
  • Zero hosting guesswork
  • Project end tutorial
  • Ability to help with all online business needs
  • Launched website with everything  you need in two weeks
  • Reduced rate for any future work needed

So how do you get all of that without a huge budget and tons of time to invest?

Simple. I’ve created an efficient, streamlined process that delivers everything you need to launch in just two weeks. 

And while it is true that if you don’t have a website, you probably don’t have a business – a website alone isn’t all you need. That’s why this package includes email marketing integration, lead capture setup, and Acuity scheduling integration so that your website is more than just a pretty place for people to learn about your business, but a functional part of your business.

Don’t waste your time with the bells and whistles that you don’t need or with designers that can make it pretty but not convert. I’ve worked with over one hundred service providers to get them online and launched.

All Included:

What you need for beautiful and functional.

Custom Site Design

Your very own unique Squarespace or WordPress site.

Five Pages Included + Privacy Policy

Get all your core pages designed plus the “boring” ones you need.

CSS & HTML Customization

Get the look you want with custom code as needed.

Client Scheduling

Option to embed Acuity scheduling so you can receive bookings right away.

Newsletter Opt-In Set Up

Start capturing leads with a newsletter opt-in or lead magnet styled on your site.

Social Media Integration

We’ll get your accounts connected and any feeds you’d like visible on the site.


Introductory Call

We’ll have an obligation-free introductory call so that I can learn more about your needs, you can learn more about this process, and together, we can determine if it’s the best fit.


Materials Prep

After the call, I’ll send you a detailed scope of work outlining everything you’ll receive in your personalized two-week website build. You’ll also receive a checklist of everything I need from you prior to our project start date.


First Draft

When the project start date rolls around, I’ll get to work! About three days later, I’ll notify you that your first draft is ready to review. You’ll take some time to look at it, and then we’ll hop on a call to discuss changes.


Final Draft

A day or so after our mid-project call, I’ll let you know that the final draft is ready for review. Usually there are a few smaller edit requests made at this point.



Once changes to the final draft are made, the website is ready for launch! First, we have a final call to go over any of your questions and so that I can demonstrate how to edit and maintain your site.



All you have to do is hit ‘Publish’ when you’re ready! I’ll be available for any questions as you get ready to  put your brand new site out into the world.


Some Examples

Ready to chat?

We’ll customize the Two-Week Website to meet your needs.

If we decide to work together, the standard package starts at $2,200 for a 5-page website (excl. Contact and Privacy Policy pages). If you need less than that, I’ll charge less than that! You’ll receive a customized quote following our call.

This call is 100% obligation free.

Let's Do It

Don't take it from me...

As a new health and wellness coach, I was nervous about being able to find a web designer who was enjoyable to work with and could make my vision come alive within a quick time-frame. Kara recommended a talented graphic designer on her team and I ended up with a logo that I feel encompasses my entire brand. But the best thing I got out of working with Kara was a website I absolutely LOVE beyond words.

-Casey Kaczmarek

For a long time, I was daunted by the idea of creating my own website and I could not be more grateful that I found Kara to build it for me.  She made the whole process very simple, organized and straightforward.  She was efficient, thoughtful and super easy to work with.  I am so happy with my beautiful new site and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs their own!

-Mindy Oliver

What's Included?

'Two Week' Website Investment: $2,200


Choosing Your Platform

Maybe you came here knowing that you want a Squarespace website, or a WordPress website. But, if you need help deciding, I have a blog post that discusses the pros and cons of each platform here. I’m also happy to discuss this on our exploratory call to make sure you know what the best platform is for YOU.


Get All Your Core Pages Designed

Most websites follow some variation of the formula: Home, About, Services, Contact. This is why I include 5 pages in the basic build – this gets you everything you need plus individual services pages, or plus a blog page.

Legal pages (Privacy Policy, etc) are generally low-formatted so I include them at no extra cost in addition to the pages in the Two-Week Website package.

Need more or less? No problem! Each extra page is $125. Landing pages (long content) are $350+. If you need affiliate or shop pages, we can discuss these on our introductory call so that I can offer you a firm quote.

If you need 3 pages or less, let me know on our introductory call and I can give you a slightly lower price than the typical package. You can also check out my “MVP” website build as an option for a starting point.


Integrated Client Booking

Most service providers (myself included!) find a lot of success with offering a short, free exploratory call. I’ll help you get this set up in your website via Acuity or Calendly.* I can also integrate scheduling for any of your paid services.

*need something else? Let me know and I’ll likely be able to help.


Let’s Get Social!

You don’t post to your social media accounts so that nobody will see it. I’ll help you get your social icons embedded on your site where you want them. We can display Instagram feeds as well, right in your site.


Built That List

You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about the importance of building your list. (I have several blog posts about this, too.) I’ll help you get that process started by setting up your email opt-in. This is often called a ‘newsletter’ opt-in, but you’re not required to send a newsletter!

MailChimp, FloDesk and ConvertKit are included as part of this package. If you need to work with another email marketing system, let me know on our introductory call.


Let’s Co-Create!

The Two-Week Website comes with two rounds of edits, one at the first draft phase and one at the final draft phase. It’s important to me that you love your website, so speak up! If you want to see something look different, let me know, and I’ll make it happen.


I’ve Got Your Back

We’ll wrap up the project with a live and/or recorded tutorial so that you know how to edit and maintain your new website.

I’ll also give you access to online course materials relevant to your website (Squarespace or Divi/WordPress) so that you can learn how to DIY whatever you need going forward. And of course I’m always here to help with future projects!


…skipping all of the research you’ve been doing on platforms, hosting, themes and templates

…working with a designer who specializes in bringing her client’s brand aesthetic to life with an eye to customer experience and conversion

…you website is up and running in two weeks – and all you have to do is supply the content

…you have a go-to resource for any and all of your online business needs going forward


…It feels good, right?


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

My design process is collaborative. You don’t need anything (besides an idea!) to schedule an introductory call. Once we decide to work together, I’ll send you a checklist of everything that I’ll need from you. This includes things like hosting account access, your website copy, images, your logo and browser icon, and brand guidance (colors, fonts).

You will need to provide me with all of your website copy (the text on your website pages), images and branding guidance by the website build start date we agree on. If you feel like you’ll need help with those pieces, I can connect you with other experts to help or we can discuss a Guided Website Build instead of the 2-Week Website.

How much does hosting cost?

Squarespace: Squarespace hosting is about $220/year. If you book your build with me you get 20% off the first year, so you’ll pay about $185 the first year.

WordPress: My recommendation for WordPress hosting is SiteGround. They’re pricing is $85-$120/year depending on the plan you select. If you already have hosting, let me know who your provider is.

I've never had a website before, will this work for me?

Yes! I take care of all the difficult setup and show you everything you need to know to maintain your site going forward.

I work with easy-to-use editing tools so that you can make changes to your website yourself.

I need an e-commerce site. Can you help?

Yes! E-commerce is not a traditional part of the Two-Week Website. You will need to book add-ons and we may need to discuss a premium build. Get in touch and we’ll get it sorted.

What if I need more help?

I’m here for you! I offer free content, paid courses and 1:1 services in pretty much every area of online business from website design to online marketing.

If you need help with your business strategy, website copy and other pieces, get in touch so we can figure out where the best place to start is.

Will my website really be ready in two weeks?

Yes! My typical Two-Week Website build begins on a Monday and wraps up two Monday’s later.

I build in an extra week just in case you need a bit more time to provide feedback, or if my kid gets sick, or your kid / dog / person gets sick, etc. – but the build is expected to take two weeks and definitely no longer than three.

Do you have a payment plan?

Two Week-Website builds are paid in two installments. The vast majority of them are $2,000 so $1,000 is paid upfront to reserve my time, and the remaining $1,000 is due upon completion (2-3 weeks from the project start date).

Will I work directly with you or do you have a team doing the website work?

You work directly with me! I take all exploratory calls and field all client communication. My assistant helps with some of the site work, but its all supervised and project-managed by yours truly. If you need a more complex graphic design asset (certain styles of logo, etc), you’ll work directly with the Kara +Co graphic designer.

What's your refund policy?

I do not offer refunds for any work done as part of my 1:1 services. I am always open to having a discussion and helping you troubleshoot things so that we can find a solution.

If you’re not sure if this is the right fit for you, I do offer a money-back guarantee on all of my digital courses and tools for DIYers.

Let's get started!

If we decide to work together, the standard package starts at $2,200 for a 5-page website (excl. Contact and Privacy Policy pages). If you need less than that, I’ll charge less than that! You’ll receive a customized quote following our call.

This call is 100% obligation free.