Squarespace is a super user-friendly platform and its fairly easy to DIY. I say fairly because, truth be told, for a fully customized, truly polished Squarespace site, you likely want to use some CSS code.

CSS code for Squarespace sites can help you customize pre-existing elements like newsletter forms and contact forms. It can also help you get rid of some annoying preset features like underlines under links in the header menu and in your footer. (I personally think sites look way more polished without these underlines under links – especially in the footer).

To demonstrate what CSS code can accomplish in a Squarespace website, I’m sharing this little demo that’s part of my Squarespace 7.1 crash course:

Where to Find CSS Code for Squarespace

  1. Of course I’m going to make a plug for my crash course for Squarespace 7.1 (the most recent version of Squarespace – learn more here), which gives you a simple code cheatsheet. You can literally just copy and paste the code for everything I show you in the course. I also walk you through basic setup and page editing, and then share my favorite CSS code hacks. For a full rundown of what’s included head here. Best part, it’s just $19.
  2. You can just google ‘Squarespace 7.1 CSS code for XXXX’ (sub in whatever you’re interested in altering). There is a ton of free CSS code on the internet. This is a great option, especially if you already have the Squarespace basics covered. Some of my favorite places to look are Paige Brunton and Inside the Square.

How to Add CSS Code for Squarespace

Once you find code that you want to try to use on your Squarespace website, it’s very easy to add it to your site.

  1. In your lefthand menu select Design.
  2. When the Design menu opens, select Custom CSS – it’s the last option.
  3. Once there, you’ll paste any code into the window, as depicted below.
CSS code for squarespace

It may take a few tries to feel comfortable with altering CCS code, but I promise it’s not as complicated as it looks!

Resources mentioned in the video:

Squarespace ➡️ https://www.kcocreative.com/squarespace

Squarespace 7.1 Crash Course ➡️ https://u.camp/c/awesome-squarespace-71-design-css-customizati

Best of luck! Xx, Kara

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